Tool & Mold Production

We are never a brand that counts on our behalf in order to please our customers who prefer us. In this way we have been promoting with the motto of "always ahead", R&D is the most important plus that distinguishes us from our competitors by providing our technological and top-level service by blending innovative ideas we have developed with modern technology.


Ekol Machine Mold

  • Cutting, bending, deep drawing sheet metal tools
  • Transfer sheet metal tools
  • Progressive sheet metal tools
  • Production of parts in CNC and Wire Eresion
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Machine production
  • White goods sector
  • Automotive industry
  • Defense industry
  • To food sectors


The engineering design, CAD / CAM processes required by the mold production are done with great care. Mold designs are created in solid UniGraphics environment and all detail drawings of molds are prepared.

3D surface models and toolpaths are prepared in the AutoCAM program.